PCM - The Next Generation Of Performance

Nautique customers demand the “best in class” boat and that means power from an engine that utilizes the latest technology and delivers outstanding performance and incomparable reliability. For nearly half a century, PCM has delivered the engines to satisfy that demand. PCM’s serious, obsessive - borderline fanatical - approach and philosophy to building engines that outperform the competition in every way is embodied in the portfolio of engines and features available to every Nautique customer. PCM is committed to the idea that every component, piece, and part of the engine contributes to the overall performance. No other boat and engine manufacturer can offer you the combined confidence for high quality performance whether your desire is to waterski, wakeboard, wakesurf, wakeskate, or just spend quality family time on a Nautique.

CXS (Catanium Exhaust System)

Pleasurecraft’s patented CXS Catanium Exhaust System, with over a decade of reliability, is designed to greatly reduce harmful carbon monoxide and emissions. CXS gen 2 is custom tuned for optimal performance and is built for a lifetime on the water.

Vortex Water Pump

Pleasurecraft’s Vortex Raw Water Pump is constructed of premium materials that will withstand the harsh marine environment. This robust pump ensures proper coolant flow to provide protection for the life of your engine.

FCC (Fuel Control Cell)

Pleasurecraft’s patented Fuel Control Cell’s two pump system delivers reliable fuel flow to the engine, protecting it from fuel starvation. A 10 micron fuel filter and water separator contained within Fuel Control Cell offer an extra layer of protection to give you confidence in your ride.

Adjust-a-Flex Mounts

Pleasurecraft’s Adjust-a-Flex Mounts are the most robust engine mounts in the industry. Their micro-adjustability maintains alignment for the life of the engine. 3 points of isolation in the Adjust-A-Flex mounts deliver the vibration free ride that PCM engines have become known for.

100% Closed Cooled

Every PCM engine is 100% closed cooled for ultimate protection from the harsh marine environment.

PowerPlus Transmission & V Drive

Manufactured out of the highest grade materials, pcm power plus transmissions and v drives deliver the smoothest and quietest operation while harnessing your engine’s power. Designed specifically for towed watersports, PowerPlus Transmission and V Drive lead the industry in gear reduction, resulting in world class acceleration.


When it comes to buyer protection, no other manufacturer in the industry can compare to PCM. We back up our engines with the strongest, longest factory warranty available anywhere. Additionally, a PCM warranty has unlimited transferability, so whether you are the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th owner, you can have the peace of mind to know you’re covered. Warranty work and services can be provided at any certified PCM Premier Dealer in 900 locations across the country.

Direct Injection

PCM’s utilization of Direct Injection Technology provides industry leading torque, horsepower, and fuel efficiency. Direct Injection allows smaller displacement engines to make as much or more horsepower as larger displacement engines, all while burning less fuel.